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Amiqaaq Conference

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Missing and Murdered Men

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Have a look at these interactive graphs ( that are part of Jen Mt....

Posted by Indigenous Masculinities on Monday, November 16, 2015

Missing and Murdered Men: Map

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Missing and Murdered Men: Age

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Murdered Men; Cause of Death

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SAVE THE DATE - Father & Child Welfare Conference

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SAVE THE DATE Creating Hope Society is proud to host 1st Aboriginal Father and Child Welfare Conference

March 15 and 16, 2013 - Free Conference (Maximum 250 participants)

Travel and Accommodation (NOT INCLUDED)

Conference is for men, families and service providers

The Radisson Edmonton South 4440 Gateway Blvd NW Edmonton, AB T6H 5C2

Napio Awards (Honouring our Men) and Banquet Cost - $50.00 Nomination being accepted for Male Elders, Helper, Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, Uncle, Son and Son in-law. (CRITERIA TO FOLLOW)

Please for more details to come visit Phone number 780-477-7961


Biidwewidam will serve as the theoretical lens in which to understand how programs are assisting Aboriginal men to re/gain positive lifestyles.