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1. Increase awareness of cultural and historical perspectives on Indigenous masculinities by interviewing Indigenous Elders and oral historians on this subject and producing a resource document that is accessible to community.

2. Document existing research and programming related to Indigenous masculinities, identities and achieving minobimaadiziwin by conducting a literature review and doing a scan of Indigenous men's programming in North America.

3. Create an international network of researchers, policy makers, program workers and community members with an interest in Indigenous masculinities through the use of new media, and through research team meetings and gatherings related to Objective #4.

4. Consult and confer with stakeholders and community members about next steps in policy and program development through key stakeholder interviews, focus groups and a policy roundtable that will inform a policy paper and a proposal for future research and social programming for Indigenous men.

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Biidwewidam will serve as the theoretical lens in which to understand how programs are assisting Aboriginal men to re/gain positive lifestyles.